Today is Valentine's Day!

Wanna learn some things and stuff about this day celebrating love!

Ok, here we go!

  • Americans spend a lot of money today! $27 billion to be exact.  A good chunk of that is spent on stuff we don't even want like kitchen gadgets and gym memberships. Both of which sound like terrible Valentine's gifts. Don't do it.
  • Cliche alert! Lots of people get engaged on Valentine's Day. About 9 million people! There will also be an increase in relationship status changes on Facebook. Make it Facebook official!
  • Online dating has been working overtime! There's a 33% spike in online dating in the two weeks leading up to V Day.
  • Tinder, alone, will see a 20% surge in traffic today. Get your swipe on!
  • 30% of all flower sales happen the week of Valentine's Day!
  • Treat yo'self! Who says you need somebody else to make Valentine's Day special? 15% of us will buy ourselves a gift!

Well, I hope we all learned something today. At the very least, these could be fun ice breakers or conversation starters on your favorite dating app or an awkward first date. You're welcome.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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