The Sioux Falls School District recently announced that prom would not be taking place this year, due to COVID-19 guidelines. However, unaffiliated proms are beginning to take shape throughout the community, including one for Lincoln High School students.

As reported by Dakota News Now, Lincoln High School students, along with their parents are planning a prom to be held after the grand march at the end of the school year.

A new event venue in Sioux Falls, the Social will be hosting the event, which is capping capacity at 275. Masks will be required while attending the prom.

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Parents and students who attend the other two major high schools in Sioux Falls are planning similar events. The prom for Washington High School students is being set at the Sioux Falls Convention Center on April 24th. Roosevelt High School is set for April 24th as well, with a bit of a twist. The planning committee will be combining the senior class party and prom, calling it "Masquerade-The Class of 2021 Prom and Senior Class Party in Disguise."

Since Lincoln High School isn't affiliated with this 'Underground Prom', the students aren't allowed to promote it with posters, banners, or anything within the school property. To get around this, the students who are organizing the prom are wearing 'underground Prom' shirts, and also promoting it on various social media websites.

For a full look at this story, along with a video segment, visit the Dakota News Now website.

Story Source: Dakota News Now

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