Getting behind the wheel and driving to get groceries isn't much different than driving to your vacation destination. The biggest difference for most is the speed. Going from west 41st Street in Sioux Falls to the Marion Road Hy-Vee you won't be cranking up to 80 MPH.

Either way, this summer you can help turn the 100 Deadliest Days into the 100 Smartest Days of Summer in South Dakota by following seven simple steps AAA has published in a recent release.

AAA South Dakota is encouraging everyone to think beyond the teen drivers who have traditionally increased risk on our roadways during the ‘100 deadliest days’ and consider what they themselves can do to reverse the disturbing upward trend in traffic fatalities.

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It shouldn't matter your age, as anyone who drives a vehicle should follow these seven simple guidelines to reduce roadway risks:

  • Slow Down – Speeding is considered to be the number one factor contributing to the increase in roadway fatalities
  • Buckle Up – Seat belts save lives. It’s that simple
  • Don’t Drive Impaired – Never drive under the influence of alcohol or any impairing drug, including prescriptions
  • Drive Defensively – Driving defensively will increase the time you have to react to another driver out of control
  • Limit Distractions – Put down the phone and give your full attention to the task of driving
  • Look Out for Pedestrians and Cyclists – Share the road
  • Talk to Your Teens and Model Best Behaviors – Talking to your teens about safe driving and modeling best practices help

To make these 100 days of summer the safest, please buckle up and stay focused.


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