When Bracco World Cafe closed at the end of 2017, it left a vacancy at one of Sioux Falls' busiest intersections, 57th and Western. The closure came as a surprise to most. The patio was one of the most picturesque in the city, they had a popular Ladies Night and Sunday brunch was always a treat.

Only a few months after Bracco closed it was announced that a new restaurant with a similar concept would take its place. According to a Facebook post by Tim Meagher, chief operating officer of Vanguard Hospitality, the group that owns the new restaurant, Turks & Caicos Cabana Grille will open Wednesday, May 9 at 5:00 PM.

In a statement posted to their Facebook page:

Cabana Grille will transport guests ocean-side with a casual, resort-like atmosphere perfect for unwinding. Think about going to an iconic, East Coast resort town and dining in a favorite spot on Main Street.The bar area at Cabana Grille will be a significant focus, as well as the expansive patio.

The restaurant has gone through an extensive remodel. The only thing recognizable from Bracco is the shingles.

Their Facebook page has been taking us along on their journey showing the new designs to the island flair menu. Some of the menu items shown on their Facebook page include a Cubano sandwich with hand-punched fries. Fresh seafood like octopus, grouper and lobster will be prominently featured on the menu.

Here's a look at a video that was created while they were still developing the menu.


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