Relationships are all about compromise, but there are just some times when we can't budge an inch.

Redditor pushingdaisies21 asked people "What's the pettiest reason you won't date someone over?" And, boy, the responses are a gold mine of insignificant characteristics that you may just fully understand (depending on your political views, this woman might be someone whose reasons totally add up). It's like the 21st century version of all the inane reasons the characters broke up with someone on Seinfeld.

Here are some of the A+ answers. Do you have any that can possibly compete with these?

'cUs sHe TeXteD LiKe dIs! :):):):) :p:p:p:p =))))))

She had the same name as my sister. I liked her and tried, but I just couldn't do it.

when she said "I dont do computers".

He tucked his sweater into his jeans.

A person who uses speaker phone in a room filled with people

She would constantly try to finish my sentences for me. Sometimes not even sentences but words.
For example:
me: "So i was eating a BLT sandw-"
her "-which?"
It was infuriating.

She told me that the crystal skull (#4) was her favorite Indiana Jones movie.

They can't fix their your and you're typo.

For saying 'that's funny' instead of laughing.

There was one who told me I was cutting green peppers the wrong way... I was doing it a way that Gordon Ramsay does it, but with fewer steps.
He cuts the entire top off, then the entire bottom, while I cut a side off, then another side so it trims closer to the stem while keeping the core intact so you don't have to pick seeds out of it. What she didn't like was the fact that I cut long strips from the sides, then rotated them and diced them. I was making my own recipe that required pieces of a specific size. I let her cut a pepper just to see what she thought was right, and she more or less butchered the entire thing. We went our separate ways a week later."

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