Trisha Yearwood's best songs are staples on any legitimate country playlist. Since her debut in 1991, the singer has not only dabbled in a variety of styles, but has also earned a longevity few artists have the good fortune or talent to sustain. Over the past quarter-century, she’s navigated label switches, an ever-changing music industry and the release of 10 studio albums, coming out successful every time.

Yearwood's songs have shaped country music — particularly for female artists — for decades, but these are the 10 Best Trisha Yearwood Songs.

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    "This Is Me You're Talking To"

    From 'Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love' (2007)

    Breaking up is always hard, but it’s especially difficult if you have to see the other person again. Yearwood’s second single from 2007's Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love, "This Is Me You’re Talking To," is a beautiful, but somber ballad about living in the wake of a broken heart and having to face the person who broke it. Though the song wasn’t a runaway hit for Yearwood, it still reached No. 25 on the country Billboard charts and was well received by reviewers and fans. "This Is Me You’re Talking To" shows off not only Yearwood’s vocal mastery, but also her ability to convey nuanced emotions in a powerful way.

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    "Believe Me Baby (I Lied)"

    From 'Everybody Knows' (1996)

    We’ve all said things we didn’t mean, and this regretful tune is therefore one many can relate to. "Believe Me Baby (I Lied)" is a matter-of-fact, though somewhat quirky approach to a plea for reconciliation. Yearwood confesses that her previous declarations of disinterest may not have been entirely truthful, but spoken out of pride. The upbeat country flair and singalong chorus gives this song a lighthearted tone that listeners can identify with, and the lead-off single from her fifth studio album, Everybody Knows, went to No. 1 in 1996.

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    "Georgia Rain"

    From 'Jasper County' (2005)

    A nostalgic ballad reminiscent of Yearwood’s background growing up in Jasper County, "Georgia Rain" recalls a story of teenage love interrupted by a thunderstorm. The vivid imagery paints a clear scene, first in the back of a pickup truck, then running for cover in an old shed to get out of the rain, all intertwined with the air of romance. The song ends with a reflection as Yearwood steps back into her hometown years later. She sings the sentimental tune beautifully -- the emotion is evident in her voice from beginning to end. "Georgia Rain," released in 2005, reached No. 15 on the Billboard charts and was Yearwood’s first major hit since 2002. The song was the lead single from her album Jasper County and brought Yearwood back into the country spotlight.

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    "Powerful Thing"

    From 'Where Your Road Leads' (1998)

    Sometimes, relationships -- even when they seem meant to be -- need a little kick in the pants to get going. Yearwood took that upon herself with "Powerful Thing," a bluesy, sassy declarative statement on a relationship that needed a nudge or two. "I’ve never seen two people in my life more determined to ignore the obvious," she sings, eventually decreeing that the rare, powerful love in their relationship is something to embrace, not ignore. The song was the third single from Yearwood’s seventh album, Where Your Road Leads, and reached No. 6 on the Billboard country charts in 1998 -- another testament to the country singer’s staying power.

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    "XXX's and OOO's (An American Girl)"

    from 'Thinkin' About You' (1994)

    This lighthearted pop-country tune tells the story of a young girl trying to balance dreams and reality and “make it” in the real world. Its infectious chorus will stay with a listener long after the first listen, and a signature violin hook completes its identity as a staple Yearwood song. "XXXs and OOOs" was the lead single off Yearwood’s fourth studio album, Thinkin’ About You, and was the singer’s first No. 1 hit in three years. It’s easy to relate to for fans, as most of Yearwood’s songs are, which helped the album garner much success as a whole and earn this tune a spot on our Top 10 Trisha Yearwood Songs list.

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    "Wrong Side of Memphis"

    From 'Hearts in Armor' (1992)

    "Wrong Side of Memphis" is a twangy country travelin’ ballad about the journey of following a dream halfway across the state of Tennessee and all the way to Nashville. The first single off Yearwood’s sophomore effort, the song features an ominous intro, catchy chorus and an overall edgier feel -- a bit of a departure from Yearwood’s previous singles. Though she didn’t write the song, she might as well have. While Yearwood didn’t live on the other side of Memphis, she did move from Georgia to attend Nashville’s Belmont University and follow her dream in the music industry. The song, released in 1992, hit No. 5 on the Billboard charts and easily kept Yearwood out of a "sophomore slump."

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    "Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love"

    From 'Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love' (2007)

    After leaving her label of 16 years, MCA, Yearwood joined Big Machine Records in 2007 and released her tenth studio album, Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love. The title track was released that same year, and its catchy chorus and sassy attitude kept Yearwood in the spotlight as one of country music's leading ladies. The song reached No. 19 on the Billboard charts and proved that Yearwood still had what it took to captivate an audience with her voice and charm. This song is a shoo-in on a best Trisha Yearwood songs list.

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    "Walkaway Joe"

    From 'Hearts in Armor' (1992)

    The second single off Yearwood’s sophomore album Hearts in Armor, "Walkaway Joe" is a cautionary tale of a teenage girl infatuated with a boy who is clearly bad news. The song’s titular character, whom Yearwood describes as "born to be a leaver," ends up fulfilling all the girl’s mother’s warnings, robbing a Texaco and eventually leaving the girl at a roadside motel. The song was a unique collaboration with the Eagles' Don Henley, who sang background vocals. Its accompanying music video included Henley, along with the added bonus of a young Matthew McConaughey as the lead character. Though it may not be the cheeriest tune, the song certainly made an impression on country music fans. "Walkaway Joe" hit No. 5 on the Billboard charts and still earns airplay today.

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    "In Another's Eyes" (feat. Garth Brooks)

    From '(Songbook) A Collection of Hits' (1997)

    What’s better than one powerhouse country vocalist belting a heartfelt ballad? Two powerhouse country vocalists belting a heartfelt ballad, of course. Yearwood teamed up with hitmaker (and future husband) Garth Brooks in 1997 to release "In Another’s Eyes" from her first greatest hits album. It's a moving duet weaving a bittersweet story from both sides of a relationship in which each feels they can’t live up to the other’s expectations. The artists complement each other perfectly, and both exhibit their vocal prowess in an explosive bridge that delivers the emotion of the song honestly. "In Another’s Eyes" went on to win a Grammy and became one of the most popular songs of Yearwood’s career.

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    "She's in Love With the Boy"

    From 'Trisha Yearwood' (1991)

    A classic story of young, forbidden love in a small town, "She’s in Love With the Boy" tells the tale of a girl smitten and her father’s disapproval. Katie and Tommy became a popular couple in 1991, as Yearwood’s lead single from her self-titled debut album climbed the charts and became her first No. 1 hit right out of the gate. The upbeat, singalong chorus is infectious, and the story makes listeners nostalgic for a simpler time and a whimsical sort of love, even if they have never personally experienced it. This relatable tune put Yearwood on the map and became the impressive launch of a long, successful career, which is why it lands our No. 1 spot on the list of Trisha Yearwood's best songs.

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