Today's farmer. An I-Phone or Android phone in their shirt pocket and a pair of pliers on their belt.

Technology is everywhere. And it's not just the city. Just drive down the road. Take a look to your right or left. Notice how straight the rows are in many fields. Farmers around the world are online all the time. Anymore, they are using technology as much as anyone in the world.

I follow a guy, Keith King on Twitter. I follow him because he has an awesome sense of humor and he loves farming. Those two things will open me up to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

I received an email from Keith saying he and a friend had developed an app for smartphones. It's called Tractor Pal.  I did a little reading on his website and it looks like it's kind of a cool thing.

This app is based on the old notebook or binder Grandpa used to keep all of his notes. You remember while growing up that notebook either sat on the shop bench or in my case it was the notebook that grandpa always had in his pocket. You can add this to your arsenal of shop apps you already use.

I can see it right now. Farmers using an app like this to help them monitor their already busy stressful world.

Share this post with your farmer friends or someone you think might be interested in using this app.  Tractor Pal.

Twit Pic @ddfalpha (pic west of York, NE last week)
Twit Pic @ddfalpha (pic west of York, NE last week)

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