GoFundMe helps people raise money for lots of things. Some are silly and some are great causes. And then there's this.

Toys“R”Us is using the crowdfunding site to save itself. What's worse is people are actually donating money. A lot of money. So far there has been over $200 million in donations toward the $1 billion goal.

People can give money to what ever they want. But this isn't some mom-and-pop shop. It's a company that couldn't find a way to stay in business. It's no charity.

If you really want to give money away I would suggest sometime else. How about Cure Kids Cancer? We raised $329,000 last week to help kids fighting cancer. It all goes to directly benefit a child fighting cancer.

If you give money to Toys"R"Us you'll get a bumper sticker worth pennies. If you donate money to Cure Kids Cancer you'll actually be helping people who are in a pickle through no fault of their own.

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