20 Tourists and hunters, including 2 Americans have been rescued from a chunk of ice that floated into the Canadian Arctic. According to CNN, the 20 tourists have walked to safety after their ice floe drifted back toward land. Helicopters are standing by to take them to a base.

By an incredible stroke of luck, their sheet of ice bumped into another one early Wednesday, the Canadian coast guard said. The second ice floe was touching land and they were able to walk from one ice floe to the other to land.

The tourists were on an expedition in the Canadian territory of Nunavut when the ice they were standing on broke from shore and floated away.

The Canadian Coast Guard says that it had traveled about eight miles. Survival kits were dropped from a plane late Tuesday.

Thirty people were initially on the floe, but 10 hunters managed to get off when their end floated close to shore.

Early morning rescue efforts were thwarted because of deteriorating weather conditions.

No one was injured in the incident, however, authorities were initially worried the ice floe has begun to melt and deteriorate.

Not my idea of a relaxing vacation.

source: CNN and contributions from Associated Press