I loved playing with trucks in the sandpile when I was a kid. We didn't have the luxury of a sandbox, we had a sandpile. It was the same thing. We had the Tonka's out and we played hard!

Friday night at Harmodon Park in Sioux Falls the Trucks were out but there weren't any sand piles. What there were, were trucks of all sizes. Boys and girls and Moms and Dads were out with kids. They were either dreaming about what they could do and be someday or thinking about what they could do with a truck if they got tired of doing what they're doing right now.

Touch a Truck is a popular spot with the kids. They're in Mitchell again today and they are great ambassadors getting kids to think about what they could do and how they could do it with a truck!

The event moves to Mitchell today. Here are your details! Get the kids together and get out and Touch A Truck or two. You'll have a blast.

Side Note, the sounds were too much for Penny The Great Dane, she made it to about 80 yards of the fun and commotion and decided it would be best to turn around and go home.

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