It's that time of the year - Spring cleaning. But before you go grab that bucket and mop and set out to "do damage," you first need to read up on where to find the germy hot spots in your house. You may be surprised where those nasty germs like to hang out.

According to a recent article published in The Sun, germs and "ickies" are not just found in the bathroom - but they're EVERYWHERE. All you need to do is look at those areas where you and your family spend the majority of your time - they're the dirtiest.

According to the article, the 10 most commonly used items where germs can be found include light switches, the kettle or coffee pot handle, the kitchen sponge, the remote control, any bin lid, door handles, the toothbrush holder and, of course, the toilet seat.

But before you start panicking and disinfecting every area of your home, doctors also say it's healthy for there to be some germs lurking about. Exposure to low levels of germs is what helps build up our immune systems.

Even still, it doesn't hurt to be extra careful when it comes to bacteria. Experts say the best way to kill germs is to use is a bleach or other disinfectant-based cleaner. To learn more about household cleaning tips, here's a link to the article to the article in The Sun.

Source: The Sun

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