The same day phones went "wireless", kids started behaving a little better when mom or dad were on the the phone. That was the day we learned parents weren't tethered by a 10 foot kitchen phone cord.

Fast forward a few decades and we find that these kids can't stay off the phone. Now, it turns out it's not just kids.

According to a recent survey by Mobile Technology and Nokia, we are so dependent on our mobile phone that, on the average, we check them every six-and-a half-minutes.

That adds up to 150 times a day in a normal sixteen hour "awake day."

After all, we have to check the internet, the latest text, Facebook, a sports score, Twitter, email, and the latest Angry Birds upgrade.

The study further revealed that checking our phone is the first thing we look at when we wake up. Really? Not even a "How was your night, honey?" or, "Wake up! You're drooling on your new pillowcase!"


Do you think people spend too much time on their cell phone?

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