"Titanic" is released today in 3D Blu-Ray. The epic movie of Jack and Rose rises to a new dimension in eye-popping 3D.

Director James Cameron has also added "60 featurettes, behind-the-scenes stuff, there's 57 minutes of deleted scenes - some stuff that's never been seen before, some stuff that existed only in a special edition, a limited release a few years ago that is now in this Blu-Ray release. I think it's a real smorgasbord," the director continued.

A classic movie, the story of the unsinkable ship Titanic, still manages to induce passion into the viewers. This romantic movie is a favorite among movie goers, lovers, and critics and just about everyone. It starred Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio in the lead roles and swept all the awards at major award functions.

Now here's the big question. "What do I need to watch it in 3D?" OK, your TV can't have "rabbit ears" Sorry, aunt Cecilia.

HDTV manufacturers say that older models will not be capable of displaying 3D technology because of the specs needed to create 3D. You will need to buy a 3D-capable display monitor, or laptop, to enjoy 3D at home. Then, grab some of those funky, always in style, 3D glasses and you're good to go. (I still have a few pair left from that Yogi Bear movie last year).

If you have the technology it is a must-see (again) cinematic adventure. In a nut shell, don't ever sail on a ship that the builders have said "even God couldn't sink". I don't mean to ruin the ending but...

Watch the trailer and see if it lights a new passion for the film.

Dan Collins