Times really have changed!

Have you ever thought about the things we used to take for granted that kids today don't even know existed? Even as I was writing this, my oldest son, 7, walked up and asked "What the heck is that thing?" He was referring to the photo of the record player above.

Well, here are a few things you might say to a kid that would get nothing but a blank stare from them.

  • Why don't you put a stack of "45's" on the "hi-fi?"
  • I can't take your picture tonight, I forgot the "flash cubes."
  • Who wants to play a game of Pong?
  • Ethyl is just 29 cents a gallon.
  • You just heat up the oil first, add the popcorn and shake the pan over the burner.
  • Just stick your arm "straight" out the window for a left turn; for a right turn just angle your arm upward.
  • That's the "minute" hand and the other one's the "hour" hand.

And my personal favorite (from experience) and you wouldn't get it if you weren't raised here:

  • Don't eat taverns on the davenport. You'll ruin it!

Ah, the memories! And for the record, I'm somewhere between "middle-age" and "time to wheel you in Mr. Collins, it's pudding night."

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Dan Collins