Say what you will about Crocs, but I like wearing them. There, I said it. I like Crocs. Yes, they look goofy and your feet sweat, but I still like wearing them. However, it sounds like the shoe may be on its way out.

The company just announced that its chief financial officer is resigning and the decision has been made to close the last two manufacturing facilities that make the rubberized clogs.

The company, however, insists they'll continue to operate a few hundred retail stores around the country, but its not clear where they'll get their inventory. They have yet to figure that out.

In the early two-thousands, Crocs were the real deal - so many colors defying so many fashion trends. That's when I first discovered the slip-on shoe. Since then, sales have been gradually slipping.

At the beginning of the year Crocs tried re-branding itself with the slogan, "Just get comfortable in your own shoes." For a short time sales began to climb back up, but now the numbers are starting to fall off again.

So, what the future holds for some of my favorite foot-wear remains to be seen. All I know is I plan on spending the majority of this weekend going from store-to-store, buying up as many pair of Crocs that I can find. Gotta have my Crocs!

Source: MSN

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