Chances are that you attended an event in which you had to purchase tickets from Ticketmaster online between October 1999 and February 2013. If you did, you are a part of a class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster.

The lawsuit was filed by five customers of Ticketmaster in which they claim that Ticketmaster issued deceptive and excessive fees. If you paid the Order Processing Fee associated with Ticketmaster (which you did if you ordered tickets between that time) you are automatically entered into the lawsuit. You are also automatically entered if you used UPS shipping with your order.

If you remain a part of the lawsuit and it is granted, Ticketmaster will distribute around $386 million in discounted codes good for future purchases. Best part, according to the lawsuit, if Ticketmaster doesn't issue $42 million of that to the class members they agree to give FREE tickets away for certain events in areas.

There is an opt-out clause with the lawsuit if you wish to not take part. You can opt out via mail or online.

To see the entire class action lawsuit, or to opt-out of it, visit the official page here.

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