Here is something that's uber scary as the weather starts to get nicer and more and more of us hit the great outdoors for a little fun and relaxation. There's a new tick-borne illness to be aware of.

KDLT News is reporting that due to a mild winter this could be an especially bad year for ticks, and experts are warning people to watch out for the Powassan virus.

The Powassan virus is a tick-borne illness that can be carried by deer ticks, the same kind that carry Lyme’s disease. The difference between Powassan and other tick-borne illnesses is Powassan can be transmitted in the first hour after a tick latches onto someone, and did I mention there’s no cure and it could be deadly!

I have your attention now, don't I?

Here's the thing to watch out for with the Powassan virus the symptoms can easily be confused with those of the common flu.

According to the KDLT News report, you can expect headaches, fever, nausea, and weakness. The Powassan virus is neurological, and can also result in confusion, speech difficulty, and seizures.

After hearing all that, it kinda makes you want to cover yourself in bubble wrap before going on a nature hike, climbing a tree, or spending anytime in an open field, right?

Should you be diagnosed with the Powassan virus, the report claims that doctors can only try to reduce inflammation to the brain until the body eliminates the virus.

The good news, only 10% of the cases are fatal. The bad news, those who do survive can still experience long-term complications according to experts.

I don't know about you, but I'll still take my chances with the Powassan virus over any January day with 30 below wind chills. Bring on summer baby!!

Source: KDLT TV

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