Sept 10, 2019, AKA Sioux Falls' Tornado Tuesday. Those who lived through it will never forget it.

There were a lot of heroes who stepped up during the storm and in the aftermath. Their bravery and South Dakota strength will live in our memories forever. Their stories also live on thanks to the ABC TV show 'Hearts of Heroes'.

FLASHBACK: The Sioux Falls Tornadoes of September 2019

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Emergency  Heart Surgery During the Sioux Falls Tornados

Meteorologist and host Ginger Zee breaks down the science behind natural disasters and tells the story of the heroes.

One episode features the medical staff at Avera Heart Hospital who performed a complicated surgery while one of the tornadoes was damaging the building.

Craig Peterson from Minnesota was having chest pains on the evening of September 10, 2019. He called his doc and was told to get to the hospital.

He ended up getting airlifted to Avera in Sioux Falls for emergency heart surgery. At Avera, the med team prepped for surgery while the ingredients got in place for an EF2 tornado.

An hour into the operation the warning came that a tornado had landed on Sioux Falls. But, Craig wasn't stable enough to move, so the docs and nurses pushed on in the face of the storm.

The medical pros kept working as the lights flickered and the door shook. One of the three tornados that hit Sioux Falls that night had damaged the heart hospital building. Broken glass, injured people, and missing parts of the roof. Through it all the doctors and nurses kept on, saving Craig's life.

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