Their back! The Coronavirus Pandemic has left parents of young students scrambling to find something for their youngsters to do. If you were trying to put together a to-do list for grade school-age kids that are home because of the unexpected break, here are a few ideas to make the day go a little faster for them and to actually help them keep their brains engaged in a school day way. According to a local expert, (I'll leave her name out of it but I trust her ideas) here are three things you could have your kids do today! 

1. READ A BOOK!  Have your student pick out a book and read it. Every day!  Set this up now. If your student is younger, have a sibling read the book to them. Ask questions about the story while reading it and Ask What the Story was About when finished. If it's a longer book, they could read a chapter, take a break and then read another chapter this afternoon. My expert said first and foremost, have them READ! 

2. Do some math. Depending on grade, add and subtract or multiplication and division depending on grade. If your multiplying, hey, work on your 7's today!

3. Do some writing! Today is St. Patrick's Day. They could write a short story about a Leprechaun and their Pot of Gold. What that Leprechaun would do with the pot of gold when the found it and how your students might spend or invest their newfound treasure. Grab a pencil and paper or pen. Writing takes your mind off everything. Tell them to get 'creative' and read it back later tonight.

One more thing. If your student has a grandparent that might be stuck in their home, or assisted living or nursing home due to the situation, have them send that St. Patricks Day story to them. If you can't mail it, click a pic of it and send it off.  Or a picture of them doing the work. That'll put a smile on their face and make your belly feel better too!

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