When we heard that Kenny Chesney was coming back to Sioux Falls for a concert after 12 years of turning into the BRAND he is today, we were stoked! Kenny has a pile of hits, but he also has some sleepers on his albums that are gems. You just have to look for them a little bit.

Unless you have a copy of Welcome to the Fishbowl, you might not recognize "While He Still Knows Who I Am." Kenny co-wrote the song with Skip Ewing. If you have an aging parent, or know anyone who has, you know it's a song that will bust you in half.

Yep. I'm a Kenny fan. I love his hits, but some of the stuff on his albums can get me noddin' my head. He just 'gets it.' Seems like he gets me and where I'm from. Listen to this song and see if you agree.

The other song is one that might not have been a huge hit. But we play it here at Kickin' Country. It fits. It fits. It fits.

Kenny Chesney is coming to Sioux Falls June 18, 2015. I don't know about you. But I can't wait. Know why? Because there could be a memory waiting for us. Like what happened in Indianapolis.

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