Sioux Falls Police say a white car drove into a cul-de-sac in Northwest Sioux Falls and the occupants fired several rounds at three different houses.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens said that the shooting happened around 8 pm on Tuesday evening (March 1) at the 5900 block of West Greenway Street. Clemens said at least four shots were fired at the three houses. It's thought that the houses are all in a row.

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Clemens said that three bullets entered two different houses. Two bullets entered a house occupied by a man and woman, they were not injured.

A second house had several people inside and the one bullet that entered nearly hit a four-year-old girl. A third house was hit but the bullet was lodged outside the home.

Two shell casings were found by police.

Witnesses told police that a white car was seen driving in the neighborhood. Clemens said that investigators are reviewing surveillance footage from neighboring houses for clues to identify the suspects.

Clemens said at this time the shooting appears to be random and there is no known motive.

No injuries were reported, but Clemens said some items inside the homes could have been damaged.

The investigation is ongoing.

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