I love the day after an election, we get to hear all the crazy stories that occurred while people were standing in line waiting to vote. Take, for example, this story.

There's a non-profit group out there called 'Pizza to the Polls' that actually delivers pizzas to hungry voters as they wait in long lines. Yesterday (November 6) they delivered more than 10-thousand pies to polling locations all across the country.

They find out where the long lines are through social media and then dole the pizzas out accordingly. They even received tweets and donations Tuesday from celebrities like Debra Messing, Alyssa Milano, Mandy Moore, and Patton Oswalt, raising more than $300-thousand over a 24-hour period.

Co-founder Katie Harlow of Portland, Oregon, says she and two friends came up with the idea back in 2016 after seeing long lines during early voting. "We just wanted a way to help out and siphon our jitters into something productive," she said. They picked pizza to keep people in line because of its mass appeal and because it's easily shared.

Yoga teacher Angie Starz of Chicago was fortunate enough to get to enjoy some cheese pizza delivered by the group during her two-hour wait to cast her ballot yesterday. She said, "It's amazing how a little bit of pizza can shift a person's mood."

If pizza deliveries are any barometer of where the worst lines were, the honor this year goes to Georgia, where some people had to wait three and four hours in order to vote. And, in case you're wondering, Harlow says, yes, they will be delivering pizza in 2020 and will aim to do so until people aren't having to wait in voting lines anymore.

Source: Associated Press

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