Ever heard the phrase, "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl"? Well, there might be truth to that statement — Thompson Square think so.

The duo's latest song "Country in My Soul" suggests that being country isn't just about where you grew up — it's deeper than that. Being country is who you are, and it's in your DNA.

"I got grit, I got drawl / I love Jesus and my dog / I like butter on my biscuits, and the sound of backyard crickets / Muddy water, fields of gold / It's my heart and it's my home / I got soul in my country, hey / I got country in my soul / Country in my soul," the duo sing in the chorus.

"Country in My Soul" — co-written alongside Lainey Wilson, Daniel Ross and James McNair — is beaming with imagery of a life rooted in the country. Shawna Thompson offers memories of her upbringing in Alabama singing Patsy Cline, while daddy played guitar and escaping to a simple paradise of catfishing in the back sticks.

“We really got back to our roots with the new music," Thompson Square note. "In fact, roots is kind of what this song is all about. We’ve lived a lot of life in the last few years — we had a baby, we both lost parents — and our new music reflects a well-lived life, both the ups and the downs."

The boot-stomping track is the first release for the married duo since 2019's "You Shoulda Been There."

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