Thomas Rhett packs nostalgia into his tear-inducing "Remember You Young" video.

Rhett's new music video opens inside a diner, where four lifelong friends, now senior citizens, all gather around a table together eating, playing cards and enjoying one another's company. A voiceover advises, "While you're young, cherish your life as it comes to you. It's the only way it comes, after all."

As one of the men gets up to leave, he has a flashback of his younger self standing in the same spot as a busboy, looking at the waitress who would eventually become his wife. The video then follows him as he revisits a series of cherished memories, driving to an old carhop and nostalgically looking out the window as he remembers the sweet moments he and his wife shared, before making his way to a hotel where he sees the younger version of his wife and daughter walk through the hallway.

The penultimate moment comes as he makes his way to an open field, the older version of his wife standing in a white dress looking off into the sunset. He takes her hand, the camera circling around them as they transform into the youthful versions of themselves.

"And no matter how much time goes by / I hope we never have to grow up / For worse or for better, from now 'til forever / I'll always remember you young," Rhett sings as the elderly man stands alone, holding an urn in his hands, looking off into the abyss.

“We wrote this song about the people in life that we love, and always remembering them in their youth, no matter how much time passes and we all change,” Rhett describes in a press release. “There’s something sentimental about remembering your very best friends, who have real jobs and families now, tearing it up in college, or picturing me and my wife with no cares at the Tin Roof back in Knoxville."

"I love that the last verse is a bit of twist with it all coming full circle," Rhett adds. "It actually makes me emotional … It’s easily one of my favorite tracks on the album.”

"Remember You Young" is the second single from Rhett's latest album, Center Point Road. 

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