Thomas Rhett has made a habit of teasing unreleased songs on social media, and his current single, "What's Your Country Song," will likely be included on an unannounced album on the horizon.

In a new video posted to Instagram, Rhett reveals that he has "some new music coming pretty soon," adding that he's continued to work on new material during the pandemic. He then debuted an acoustic version of one new song called "Your Momma's Front Door," which he'd written just a couple weeks prior. It's a song that looks back at his life and his relationship with wife Lauren, whom he first dated when they were teenagers.

"I like playing [new songs] for y'all 'cause I feel like I get good feedback," Rhett says, going on to explain the backstory that inspired him to write this tune. "I went and dropped Lennon off at [my wife] Lauren's mom's house, and you know, I've been over to that house a million times, from the time I was probably 13, until, now I'm 30. It just hit me different, dropping Lennon off and walking through that door. There's just so many versions of me that has walked through that front door."

Like "Die a Happy Man," "Life Changes," "Remember You Young" and many more of Rhett's best-loved hits, "Your Momma's Front Door" leans into the nostalgic aspect of the singer's family life, drawing on his personal experience as a husband and father. The song is a more romantic twist on the musical themes he established in "What's Your Country Song," which celebrates traditional influences, small-town life and all things country.

"Today, it just hit me that I got some history / With every square inch of that faded brick porch," Rhett sings in the chorus of his new tune. "It's crazy to think how much my life has changed now / and it just keeps changing a little bit more / Every time I show up at your momma's front door..."

When it arrives, Rhett's next album will follow his 2019 release, Center Point Road. That project produced three consecutive No. 1 hits: "Look What God Gave Her," "Remember You Young," and a feel-good duet with Jon Pardi called "Beer Can't Fix."

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