Get out your snow blower, shovel, and snow boots; it's winter in South Dakota. And while the snowfall can feel nice for the first month or so of the winter season, it can get real old by the time we hit February and March.

That being said, some areas of the Mount Rushmore State get much heavier snowfall than others. But the question is, which South Dakota town gets the most snow on average year in and year out? The answer is a bit surprising.

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According to Current Results, the town in South Dakota with the most snowfall is about a 2-hour drive from the city of Sioux Falls. It's the county seat of Beadle County and is home to the world's largest pheasant. Need another hint? It's home to the South Dakota State Fair.

That's right, the town of Huron gets the most snowfall annually in the state of South Dakota. Current results report that Huron receives 43.9 inches of snow every year. It also snows, on average, 30 days a year in the town of Huron.

Just how much is that? Well, compared to some other cities in the area, it's significantly larger. The city of Sioux Falls receives 37.6 inches per year, while Mitchell gets around 34 inches every year, and Aberdeen gets close to 38 inches per year.

Think it's bad in South Dakota? It's even worse in Minnesota, where the top spot goes to Minneapolis, which gets a whopping 54 inches every single year. Yikes.

Story Source: Current Results

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