I'm sure by now most people have heard of the meme 'Florida Man', where a news headline beginning with those words accompany a story about Florida Man doing something ridiculous, you know because it's Florida.

It seems that Florida Man has competition from Florida Bull.

On Tuesday night, a bull decided he wanted to take a tour of Cooper City in Broward County. Imagine the surprise of the people who saw a bull wandering the streets of the Miami suburb.

It wasn't long before Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies were brought in to corral the steer. Deputies were very bullish when they called in a helicopter to help with the search.

One deputy found that trying the capture the bovine proved baffling as his attempt to lasso the beast failed. It's unclear if the deputy had any rodeo experience.

The action was entertaining for residents like Dante Echeverry who told 7 News, “Everyone was videoing and they were laughing. It was just a trip. It was pretty funny seeing… you know it’s like seeing a unicorn, you don’t see stuff like that walking around.”

While the bull was on the loose, deputies were driving the streets of Cooper City using bullhorns to warn residents of a bull that was on the lam.

Deputies don't know who owns the bull or how it ended up on the streets of Cooper City and that's no joke... were you expecting another awesome 'bull' pun?

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