I have not dated since Ben still had short hair (no, not since Tyrannosaurus Rex walked the earth, like some people assume) and now thanks to this quiz from BuzzFeed, I've discovered what my problem may be.

This very simple quiz reveals who you should be dating and according the results, I should be dating a politician! (Good grief!) Since I have never done so, maybe I need to consider this alternative.(Perhaps after a night of one too many Henry's Hard Orange Sodas).

I've made a habit (apparently a bad one) in my past life of dating actors and musicians, which never seemed to turn out well and always ended in less than a satisfactory fashion. So if I ever start thinking I need another man in my life, (other than my furry German Shepherd boy, Zeus) perchance I will dip my toe into a murky political dating pool!

If you'd like to find out if you've made the wrong dating choice, take this BuzzFeed Dating quiz.

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