This video has been making the rounds recently, but it was actually posted on Tik Tok last fall. Whenever it was posted doesn't really matter because the lesson is timeless. DON'T CUT YOUR OWN BANGS.

I, too, have learned this the hard way.

I think almost every girl and maybe a few guys have given themselves a trim that they regretted immediately.

I currently have bangs and I let them get crazy long because I get busy and getting in for a hair appointment can take a while sometimes. But I would rather go around with hair in my face than trim my own bangs and end up looking like the girl above.

Like I said before, I have cut my own bags before and it was awful. Ever since then, I leave it up to the professionals.

But hey, I guess it's just hair. It will grow back and until it does, just wear a hat.

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