If you are like me and have been running a fan almost constantly for these hot South Dakota Summer days, this is a household hack you need to know.

With several days of constant warm weather in Sioux Falls, we have been running our air conditioning frequently. The electric bills have reflected that over the last two months.

We also use our ceiling fans and a big floor fan on our main level to aid in circulating the cool air. Of course, the blowing air that comes from the floor fan spreads the dust around the house.

So when I saw this floor fan life hack I just had to try it. And especially if you have pets you'll want to give it a try as well.

All you have to do is grab one of the furnace filters...(that you should have stock pilled by your furnace because you should be changing it religiously every 3 or 4 months)...and set it behind your big fan. You don't need to use anything to hold it in place because the pull of the fan's airflow will keep it snug up against the back of the fan.

Box Fan Filter Hack - Ben Davis
Box Fan Filter Hack - Ben Davis

So rather than just circulating dust and pet fur around the house, you filter out the bad stuff and create the airflow you are looking for. I call it my “Redneck Hepa Filter”!

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