School is in full swing throughout the Sioux Falls area and in the state of South Dakota! Kids are back in their classrooms, hitting the books and learning from their teachers and peers.

Now that school personnel have returned to their schools and teachers have returned to their classrooms full-time, they might not have as much free time to complete simple household chores. Mowing the lawn can especially be a time-consuming task.

Well teachers, college professors, custodians, and even coaches...I have some great news for you!  There is a man on a mission who wants to mow your lawns in Sioux Falls on Friday, September 24th! But the cool thing is he's just not coming to Sioux Falls. This gentleman is going to travel across the country to mow lawns for anyone working in schools.

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Rodney Smith is an Alabama native who has been traveling across the country completing his "Mow Tours."  He's about to embark on his 11th Mow Tour, and his goal is to mow as many yards as possible for school administrators, educators, coaches, and custodians. There's just one problem.  He needs YOU to nominate these people!

Rodney's post on his Facebook page explains:

I’m looking for Teachers from Pre-k up to college professors that would like to take part. Coaches as well. I would also like to add custodians.  If you are a teacher and would like to take part in this tour, please go to the form below and fill it out. If you would like to nominate a teacher, please make sure it’s ok with them & then nominate them.

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Rodney a few years ago when he was traveling around the country on a previous lawn mowing tour. He's made such a positive impact on so many lives. What a guy doing all sorts of great things!

Rodney is pretty easy to contact if you want to nominate any school employees including teachers, coaches, or custodians. You can find Rodney on his Facebook page or on his website.

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