It started as a door-to-door sales item that became all the rage and, our grandparents scooped up as many as they could. The simple little plastic container that changed America's kitchens. Tupperware!

When it comes to brands that have had a shelf life Tupperware ranks among the top in every household. Now, this popular food container company has added Target Stores to its points-of-distribution list.

Nationwide Tupperware will be in Target stores and available online at with several sizes and bundles. Earlier this year Tupperware launched sales on Amazon.

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If you go ask Grandma, she will most likely tell you that her mom bought the first sets of Tupperware while at a party next door at the neighbor's house. It was a great way for women to become part of the sales force of America.

From the simple sandwich container to the glassware, serving sets, and dispensers.

Take a look around the company lunchroom and notice what containers your coworkers are using. Chances are it's a Tupperware brand. Cover it up with a paper towel and pop it in the microwave. Just remember, there is a shelf life to those containers. Oh, you'll know when it's time to replace them.

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