Here's a unique Black Hills Airbnb that allows you to literally unplug because it has no electricity. You won't miss it though as you will be too busy taking in the amazing location of this tent. That's right it's a tent, but not just any old popup tent.

The host, John built "The Still House", a 16x13 foot wall tent with a sturdy wood frame. It's permanently attached to the side of a hill. The attached deck offers incredible views of the surrounding Black Hills. The tent is only 15 minutes to Mt. Rushmore and two miles from the Keystone Boardwalk.

This may be a tent with no electricity, but that doesn't mean you will be sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. There is a full-sized bed with fresh linens, a fluffy duvet, and "perfect pillows." John has everything you need, just bring your clothing and food.

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There is a private outhouse about 20 feet away for when "nature calls." John made the outhouse look like a moonshine still complete with memorabilia from the Black Hills moonshining days. There is also a propane-powered shower and sink offering both cold and hot water.

The tent is surrounded by National Forest Service property and there are hiking trails that start right from the tent. There's even a trail to get to the tent. Once you park, you will walk on a trail about 250 ft to the tent. John says there is a secret swimming hole that is challenging to get to but is worth the trip.

There is no WIFI at the tent and John says cell phone coverage is spotty depending on the carrier. He says that texting almost always works and he has a solar-powered charging station for your devices.

But if it were me, I would leave the phones in the car and enjoy this incredible location.

Black Hills-The Still House

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