When I first came across the suggestions presented in this article, I laughed. I mean honestly, do people need to be reminded not to leave valuable items like cash, jewelry, and guns in an unlocked car? The evidence here in Sioux Falls would lead one to respond loudly, "Yes, yes they do!".

What about leaving things in a locked car? The contention is that leaving these things in your vehicle can compromise your health and security.

  • Medication - Temperature swings can affect their effectiveness
  • Electronics -  Don't hand over your sensitive info to thieves
  • Water bottles - Especially in the summer when bacteria could multiply quickly, not to mention chemicals from the plastic leeching into the water
  • Glasses - Your frames can warp in the heat or get so hot they'll burn your face!
  • Wine - Heat can change the flavor, expand the cork and even push it out of the bottle

The rest of this list contains items I thought too ridiculous to mention and yet, statistics indicate otherwise.

  • Children - As of October 1, 2018, 48 children have died in hot cars
  • Dogs - Dogs can overheat and die in a hot car in as little as 6 minutes
  • Sensitive documents and your passport - Your car is for transportation, not storage



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