In 2016, there were a number of things that people all around the world just couldn't seem to let go of. I'm talking anything from viral dance challenges to literally not moving at all, or the urge to stalk fictional mobile characters in the middle of nowhere.

The one thing they all had in common? After the brief moments in time we were obsessed with them in 2016, we've all kind of forgotten they even happened by now. Here's a list of nine noteworthy trends I wanted to revisit:

  • 1

    Pokemon Go

    Just six months ago, Pokemon Go seemed to be the biggest thing ever. People ages 13 to 73 were playing the mobile game, popping up in random spots all over the world in search of the nearest digital critter. The game was downloaded more than 500 million times in 2016 but seemed to have lost its sparkle the latter part of the year.

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    Water Bottle Flip Challenge

    There was a point in 2016 were everywhere you went, you saw kids throwing plastic water bottles around. Whether at school, at a sporting event or even at church, the challenge of flipping a basic plastic bottle so that it landed upright seemed to be the most exciting challenge one could be apart of. Thankfully that sloshing noise followed by the light pound of the bottle hitting the ground made its way out. It was getting super annoying.

  • 3

    'Making A Murderer'

    I'll never forget the first two weeks after Netflix's documentary Making A Murderer came out. Never have I ever heard so many people discuss a certain show literally everywhere I went. You just were not cool if you hadn't watched the 10-part series, or at least could carry on a discussion about it. The outcome of the verdict of the major trial in the documentary was a mystery that everyone seemed to feel obligated to question, including myself.

  • 4

    Mannequin Challenge

    The 'Mannequin Challenge,' a major viral sensation, was probably the biggest challenge people did that actually impressed me. Participants worldwide, everyone from celebrities to politicians to Paul McCartney vied to make the best darn mannequin challenge video ever. Simply standing still to the tune of Rae Sremmurd's 'Black Beatles' paved the way for some of the most impressive YouTube videos of 2016.

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    Ryan Lochte's Olympics Scandal

    As the Rio Olympics came to an end this summer, United States swimmer Ryan Lochte became the highlight of the overall games, and not for anything he did in the pool. The swimmer and a few of his fellow swim buddies originally claimed to be robbed at gunpoint at a Brazilian gas station. The plot holes in his story soon became evident, having everyone starting to question if he was even telling the truth. Eventually the real story got out, proving Lochte was indeed making up the tale to save his own behind from international embarrassment and potential criminal charges in Rio.

  • 4

    Ken Bone

    Ken Bone asked a question on the live broadcast of the Presidential Debate in St. Louis. People suddenly became obsessed with him and his personal style, especially his red sweater and khaki pants. Ken Bone even became a popular Halloween costume in 2016. I still don't get it, it's bizarre, but hey! It made Bone a star for a brief moment.

  • 7

    Damn, Daniel

    Daniel and his white Vans sneakers. Two teens out of Riverside, CA started it all. A simple video of a boy mocking his friend Daniel's new white shoes, adding his obnoxious, awkward yet hilarious voice-over paved the way for millions to reenact this clip. The duo even landed an interview on 'Ellen' after the popularity of the viral sensation.

  • 8

    Running Man Challenge

    When you think of the running man, you think of the once super-popular dance trend. But this viral challenge took that dance move to a different level. There's not much to say about this one except for that it caught on quick, and that dang song was impossible to get out of your head if you ever got caught hearing it.

  • 9

    The Election

    Just kidding! Although it happened in 2016, we all know that no one is forgetting or letting go of this one any time soon, no matter who you voted for.

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