July 29, 2021, marked the four anniversary of my one and only car accident. (Knock on wood.)

Everything I wrote back then still rings true and it serves as a good reminder to everyone to drive safe. Oh, and don't do what Blaise Keller tells you!

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Now, for the story as I told it four years ago!


Now that a couple of weeks have passed since my accident, I think I can finally get my thoughts straight.

On Saturday, July 29th, 2017 I was going home after my usual trivia night, but I got a couple of messages from friends (Blaise Keller) downtown so I figured I'd pop in and say, "Hey." I never made it.

I was hit at an intersection that had flashing lights. Apparently, that is confusing for some people. I still kick myself a little because it was a street I hardly ever take. Why I decided to go that way, I still don't really know.

I'm not being super specific because I still don't know if there will be further investigating with insurance and blah blah.

So here it goes: things I learned after being in a car accident:

  • Wear your seatbelt. I was wearing mine and am thankful I was.
  • Driving without a license or insurance is not something a person gets arrested for. (P.S. I have a license and insurance.)
  • Even though texting was not part of this accident, it made me realize that my phone would not be worth all the hassle that ensued.
  • I don't remember what it felt like to have the airbags go off. But I did learn they have a weird smell.
  • I'm grateful that I walked away with only a slight airbag burn and some soreness.
  • When you were planning on staying home on a Saturday night, just stay home on Saturday night, no matter what Blaise Keller from Dakota News Now texts you.
  • I'm tougher and stronger than I realized.
  • Adulting is hard and so is dealing with insurance.
  • Even when it's not your fault, you still think, "What could I have done differently?"
  • There are still some good Samaritans out there.
  • Flashing yellow has the right of way over flashing red (I actually knew that already, but it didn't stop me from getting hit - I just thought I should clarify for everyone else).
  • Car shopping is stressful, at least for me. So many options to consider and numbers going through my head.
  • Knocking on wood after you say something doesn't stop it from happening. I literally said earlier that week to someone, "I've never been in a car accident. Knock on wood."
  • I have awesome friends. Thanks to Colette and Sam and Becky for the rides! And another thanks to Sam for giving up her day off and being my extra set of eyes and ears while car shopping. And all my other friends that just checked in from time to time to see how I was doing and listen to me vent! It meant a lot!

But overall, as I said, I am just grateful that I am OK. A car is just a car, but I walked away and that is what counts! It could have been a lot worse. Sometimes you just have to stay positive, no matter what.

My Car Accident


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