Like technology? So do I. I love the advances we've made to simplify life. Apps, computer programs, tablets with wi-fi, smartphones, and a portable music player the size of a Tic-Tac that can hold 2,000 songs.

But, has some new products going too far for the privacy of the user? Check this out.

In Verizon’s invasive futuristic nightmare patent, they suggest that their cable boxes could detect ‘when people are cuddling’ and then proceed to display commercials for flowers, jewelry, and romantic vacations.

The cable box would contain a number of sensors such as thermal imaging cameras, microphones and motion sensors, to detect the mood of the audience, and then serve up commercials that fit.

Whoa! wait a minute. So if i accidentally kick the dog, a vet ad would run? If I am discussing my son's grades at school, would we see a commercial for an on-line tutoring service? And, really, if I'm not wearing pants, would I see a commercial for Fruit of the Loom?

Now that's scary!