I feel bad for this new generation. Technology has made everything easier and faster. It's also mucked up a part of life and left it in a heaping pile of ash along the way.  That little part is leaving notes.

Growing up in small town USA, Kennebec, South Dakota our entire family learned about notes. We learned mostly from Mom. How to write them, how to read them and most importantly, where to leave them. There was a reason Mom liked to keep her counter spotless while we were growing up. Simply put, it was the note board.

If you had chores or needed to practice piano or a band instrument, chances are you would find a note. If mom or dad happened to be gone and things needed to be done before they returned, you would definitely see a note. You can tell a lot from a note. Sometimes you could even sense the urgency. Maybe there were a few words underlined, and a few exclamation points.

I miss notes. Texts are similar, but they seem like cheating to me. Now we even have talk to text. Perfect punctuation and spelling, if you speak clearly at the touch of the button. You can be both fast and flawless even if you didn't get an A in Mrs. Bowers Typing Class, but nothing takes the place of a note.

Growing up, we might also get a note of, lawn looks nice. Thanks for the mow. The neat thing about Notes, you can leave words out. I call it staccato talk. Just enough words to get the point. You can almost insert the extra words and inflections in your mind.

Another thing about notes that I liked was, you didn't have to use a lot of words to make a point. Word economy was important when writing a note. It wasn't like someone gave you a random number like, your note must be 150 words to count, it could be quick and concise and effective. I feel many times, we over communicate. And when that happens I tend to under listen.

Here's a challenge for the week. Write a note or two. Instead of a text, peel off a sheet of paper, grab a pen and let 'er rip. They, put it where they'll see it. Under their keys, (where my wife leaves mine or underneath my billfold.)

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