Opening a bag of chips can be one of life's true pleasures - it can also be a true disappointment. The let down is when you realize just how few chips are in the bag.

Enter Kitchen Cabinet Kings, makers of plywood storage. They decided to test a number of brands and determine the average percentage of air in each bag.

Would you believe the average turned out to be 43%? 43%! Nearly half of the bag is nothing but air.

But isn't that false advertising? No, not according to the courts.

The courts have ruled that chip makers give you "fair warning" because of language on the bags about "weight and contents settling."

So, all you can do is enjoy what few chips are there.

So, which brand did the best and which the worst? Fritos did best - Cheetos did the worst.

To read more about the study, and to see how your favorite brand of snack did, go to the link below.

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