Mother Nature is in the process of turning the Sioux Empire into a winter wonderland at the moment, as we all brace ourselves for the first big winter weather event of the season.

But the City of Sioux Falls has already beat her to the punch, with all the work they've done to the downtown area for the holiday season.

If you've been downtown recently, I'm guessing you've undoubtedly seen its latest addition? A half-dozen fiberglass reindeer that now line the MarketBeat Holiday Plaza at 12th and Phillips next to the federal courthouse building.

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A group of local artists is responsible for painting this holiday herd.

Tenley Schwartz, the marketing and content coordinator for Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. told our friends at Pigeon 605, “We’re making an effort to make sure the things we plan really involve the community, and local art is such a big part of that. We went through a request for proposals and just put it out to the Sioux Falls Arts Council, and they helped us out and got some really great artists and a good variety.”

Schwartz herself even designed and painted one of the six reindeer that's on display.

Every artist commissioned received a giant shiny white deer to work with and from that point, let their creative juices begin to flow.

MarketBeat Holiday Plaza in Sioux Falls
Pigeon 605 (with permission)

As you will see the next time you visit the downtown holiday plaza, the finished products ended up being nothing short of beautiful. With each reindeer doing a wonderful job of expressing the joy of the holiday season through an array of festive colors.

MarketBeat Holiday Plaza in Sioux Falls
Pigeon 605 (with permission)

This new holiday herd is the perfect addition to the MarketBeat Holiday Plaza that has already quickly developed a reputation for being one of the most festive looking holiday hotspots in Sioux Falls thanks to things like the snowman selfie stop, the glowing arch, and of course Santa's big red mailbox for kids to drop off their letters bound for the North Pole.

If you would like to take a deeper dive into the MarketBeat Holiday Plaza and the artists behind the painting of this holiday herd, check out Jodi Schwan's story on Pigeon 605.

Source: Pigeon 605


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