Here's a few of the stories that had Sioux Falls talking this week:

Sioux Falls will be the new home for 3 new national chains. Vitamin World, Panda Express and Mattress Firm, coming soon near the Empire Mall on 41st street.

Three men were arrested after police say they stole a car in Sioux Falls and went on a joyride that ended with 5 crashed cars on Thursday. They had apparently found a car on the Billion Auto lot with keys in the ignition, stole it, and proceeded to play "bumper-cars" at 15th and Summit Ave. They are being held on multiple charges.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol has sobriety checkpoints scheduled in May in the following counties: Brown, Charles Mix, Clay, Codington, Day, Gregory, Hughes, Jackson, Lake, Pennington, Roberts, Spink, Walworth and Yankton.

Around 1,300 people were without power on Thursday after a tree branch fell on a power line. Several stoplights were not operating and some businesses were dark during the nearly 1-hour outage. "Son-of-a..." said the man who finally hit that royal flush at the 41st St. Casino.

There have been more than 14,000 registrations and renewals of concealed gun permits issued so far this year. By comparison, that's almost 75% of last year's total applications and it's only May. The gun business is booming and it's not just the weaponry, it's also ammunition and other accessories. Political gun debates highlighted after the recent gun tragedies have fueled sales.

A man walking in central Sioux Falls Tuesday night wasn't about to get mugged by two guys with a stick. Two men were arrested nearby after attempting to rob someone using a tree branch. "I've got this...this...stick, you see...and I'll use'll see..."

A Fareway grocery store opened it doors in Sioux Falls and held a ribbon cutting Wednesday morning. It's located on West 41st Street next to Hobby Lobby and will be closed on Sundays. Welcome!

Scam Alert: The Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division has seen an increased number of complaints from seniors who have been receiving telephone calls from a purported grandchild in need of money. Please, ask several questions that only real grandchildren would know, like parents names, childhood details, and birth places. The scam artists are getting craftier so extra vigilance is needed. If you believe you've been scammed or just realized you don't have a grandson named 'Dick', you can call  1-800-300-1986 or email the Consumer Protection Division at

Viral Video of the Week: While we were busy at work in the month of April, some of our youth were going nuts at spring break. Just curious, did alcohol play a part in any of these "fails"? Again...just curious.

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