I don't mind driving to the Black Hills. Yeah, it's five hours from Sioux Falls to Rapid City, but you go into that trip mentally prepared, and physically prepared with boredom busters for the ride. But shorter drives are way worse.

If there is a trip I need to take that is under two hours I feel like it is just under two weeks. Maybe being closer tricks your patience into thinking it's close so it shouldn't take long and so when you aren't there in twenty minutes you get antsy. I don't know.

We were talking about it on the air this morning and got a bunch of texts about the worst drives people make in and around South Dakota.

  •  I used to have to commute from Madison to Sioux Falls every day and that to me was the worst drive ever. Only about 45 minutes but it always felt like hours.
  • Hot springs to rapid city longest 1 hour ever.
  • I'll agree that the drive to Mitchell from Sioux falls takes forever. But going from Mitchell to Sioux falls takes no time at all
  • We go to chamberlain every weekend and it seems like HOURS, but our trip to Texas went by so fast.
  • Dell rapids via Cliff Ave seems like FOREVER (I totally agree. This is the longest "short" drive in the state and I can't explain why.)
  • Vivian to Ft Pierre
  • The drive to Sioux City from Sioux Falls sucks in my opinion
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