Babies who were born in 2020 will certainly have a lot of questions.  Hopefully, it will not be about their names and the motivation or stories behind them!

Despite the fact that this has been difficult year, Macrotrends is reporting that the current birth rate is 11.99 and the growth rate is 0.090%.  This growth rate is also identical to the 2019 rate. IndexMundi actually has a really cool counter to track how many babies are born each day.  Based on its extensive research and data, a baby is born approximately every 8.08 seconds.  There are 10,687 babies born every day and over 3,900,000 babies are born each year.  That's a lot of baby names!

Picking a name is just one of many big decisions parents will make for their child or children, especially for first-time parents.  Although this decision may be a bit challenging for some parents, they should not feel guilty about asking for help!  Nameberry has you covered with all your baby-naming needs.

For the last four years, Olivia has been topping the baby name list for the most viewed girl's name.  Just like much of 2020, that all changed this year.  Move over's Luna's turn to shine!

That's right! Luna is the top-viewed baby name for girls.  In fact, experts are predicting that Luna will top this list for years to come.  The CEO of  Nameberry, Pamela Redmond Satran, tells Good Morning America in a recent interview that, " 'Lu' names are gaining popularity all around. 'Lu' names are heating up for both girls and boys. In addition to Luna; Luca, Lucian, Lucius, and yes, Lucifer, all make their Top 100 for boys."

Speaking of boys....Milo is number one on the most-viewed list for boys for the second year in a row!  Coming in at number two and number three respectively on the list are Atticus and Asher.

You can check out the full list of most-viewed baby names for girls and boys by clicking here.

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