Hot dogs are unquestionably on the list of "as American as baseball and apple pie" items. There is something about a weiner, or wiener (yes, this is also considered to be a correct spelling of the word), that conjures up happy images of family barbecues, summer fairs, baseball games, and - - childhood.

Now, according to Pigeon 605, a Sioux Falls man and his wife are conjuring up a new vision of that all-American "tubular treat" and it's a mess. Literally.

The Sloppy Weiner Food Truck made its debut last Friday, September 17, and will be making appearances around the area. You can keep track of them by following The Sloppy Weiner Facebook page.

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Bryan Krueger and his wife are food enthusiasts who wanted to share their appreciation for all things weiners. Thus the birth of the trademark "Sloppy Weiner", which is a quarter-pound beef hot dog slathered with a special sloppy joe meat sauce recipe (his wife's grandma's, in fact), nacho cheese, and (wait for it), of all things - - cottage cheese!

Sound weird? Reactions to the messy concoction range from really good to awesome! They also have a number of other cleverly named hot dog (or not) creations, like the "Doggone Sloppy". It's a sloppy joe sandwich, minus the frank.

Krueger would like to start offering other sausage creations like, "buffalo hot dogs and bratwursts made with alligator and snake meat" like he had enjoyed at the fair in the past.

The Sloppy Weiner hopes to keep busy with catering opportunities and other events through the winter. You can find out where you can next nosh on a Sloppy Weiner by checking out their Facebook page.

Source: pigeon605

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