Who would have thought corn would bring people together during a pandemic?

Curb Corn made its home right along 57th Street and Minnesota Avenue despite the environmental challenges it would soon face.  For any Sioux Falls resident, the 57th Street Corn was known as a symbol of hope and inspiration during these challenging times.

This uplifting spirit was all taken away within seconds after a senseless act occurred early Wednesday morning.  The curb corn went to the big field in the sky...or so we thought.

I know, I didn't believe it myself.  But apparently, the 57th Street Corn lives on!  This Curb Corn is truly "Sioux Falls Strong."

In a recent tweet, the 57th Street Corn addresses the tragic announcement by easing the public's fears and worries.  According to the Curb Corn, it was just taking a tour around the Sioux Empire and even shared pictures about the exciting day.

One simple Facebook post from Chad Theisen brought light back into Sioux Falls.  Now known as "Cornelia," the Curb Corn received emergency "crop surgery" in an effort to save the plant's life.   The post explains, "A local corn-loving crew was quickly dispatched to the scene of the crime and efforts to save the patient began. Premium soil from a local garden was mixed with MiracleGro and a long drink of water. A temporary container was procured and decorated with the flag of this great city."  Cornelia was out and about around the town once the procedure was complete.  This corn was busy!

Cornelia may be on a long road to recovery so be sure to send your well wishes to the infamous corn.  Curb Corn fans are encouraged to send letters to the following address:

Cornelia and The 57th St Corn Team
6300 S Connie Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Get well soon Cornelia!  You are the strength that no one ever knew we needed!

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