The climate boundary line has always run 100 degrees west longitude line running north-south through the middle of South Dakota, but seems to have shifted east.

According to USA Today, the climate boundary line was recognized for the first time by John Wesley Powell in 1878. Ironically, 140 years later the line has shifted to the east - about 140 miles.

The line, which has widely defined the western arid areas, has shifted from the midway point of South Dakota, along a Pierre - Chamberlain line, well east to directly over Sioux Falls - or the 98th meridian.

The shift may have an impact on what types of crops are grown in the future due to slowly changing climates. In a nutshell, the humid conditions are shifty to the east ushering more arid conditions usually found in the west. Yeah, but it's a dry heat.

American Meteorological Society with their published
report released this week.

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