Who doesn't love it when they see a happy dog sticking its head out the window of a moving vehicle and enjoying the wind in its fur?

Or a cute puppy photo on social media?

Dogs just have a special place in our hearts. For some people, the breed of dog also has a significant meaning.

And in South Dakota, we are no different. We have a favorite breed dog that is quite easily recognized and loved by all.

It's the labrador retriever.

"Labradors, goldens, and German shepherds top the list of South Dakota’s most popular dog breeds, according to the AKC. But like other ranch-heavy states, South Dakota is at the center of the burgeoning border collie trend."

The Labrador is also the most popular dog breed in the US and has been for the last 26 years. Followed closely by German Shepards and the golden retriever.

Source: RD.com

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