Are you expecting or know someone who is? These just might be the most awesome baby names ever!

Vintage names like Clara, Alice, Henry and Samuel are making a comeback. Some of the most popular names right now are Emma, Olivia, Noah and Liam. But, why would you want seven Emma’s and five Noah’s in the same classroom? Think outside the box and choose a unique name no one else is going to have in their class.

A website called Pure Wow, has compiled a list of 32 New York City-inspired baby names using New York City streets, neighborhoods and landmarks. It makes me want to have babies! Maybe I’ll just get another cat.

Here’s a list of names.  A lot of these are gender neutral.

  1. Waverly
  2. Ellis
  3. Carroll
  4. Hudson
  5. Lex
  6. Houston
  7. Delancey
  8. Carnegie
  9. Vanderbilt
  10. Amsterdam
  11. Brooklyn
  12. Perry
  13. Bryant
  14. Pearl
  15. Columbus
  16. Wythe
  17. Fulton
  18. Nolita
  19. Astor
  20. Bowery
  21. Gramercy
  22. Clinton
  23. Lorimer
  24. Chelsea
  25. Stuyvesant
  26. Park
  27. Varick
  28. Sullivan
  29. Mercer
  30. Spring
  31. Prince
  32. Carmine

Click here to see what inspired each name.

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