It's a bar, it's an arcade, it's a barcade, it's EightyOne, and EightyOne is awesome!

There will be no shortage of arcade memories triggered when you come to play at this Harrisburg gem.

I have been a few times, and had a blast getting lost in the mix of throwback games, and the new stuff I didn't even know was out there.

I went to EightyOne again last night because I heard they had a version of one of my favorite games growing up. They actually have a lot of my favorite games from growing up. The new game I had to stop by to try was Tetris, and it had levels like I had never played before.

You can play the original Tetris modes you are probably familiar with, but Shirase Mode is like Legos falling at light speed.

I got chance to talk with EightyOne owners Errol and Nat Stewart about opening this incredible dream barcade.

Errol's skill set and knowledge is as impressive as his collection of old school games that are a blast from the past, and a wild variety of new games from Japan.

You could travel the entire country and find less than a handful of places with this kind of amazing game selection in one space.

EightyOne also has something for those that take their gaming seriously.

The Thursday Throw Down Fighting Game Weekly Meet! If you want to get in on Street Fighter IV, V, competition, and more join the South Dakota FGC on Facebook.

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The entertaining experience EightyOne is located at 220 South Cliff Avenue in Harrisburg, and open to ages 9 and up.

You can find details and more pic on their Facebook Page.

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