This past week, we fired off The Kickin' Country Secret Sound. The billboards are up, maybe you've seen Bobby, Chuck and myself, JD Collins on the TV commercials. The Kickin' Country Secret Sound is on and people are talking about it.

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Tate from Mitchell correctly identified our First Secret Sound [opening a fuel door on a car] We have a new sound and new jackpot for The Kickin' Country Secret Sound! Listen and win with The New 99-1 and 100.5, Kickin' Country!

Tate VanZee

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People are talking, soon they may be winning Cold Hard Cash, with The Kickin' Country Secret Sound!

Zac VanZee of Mitchell (again) win $1050 with our Second Kickin' Country Secret Sound [garbage disposal]

Our latest Kickin' Country Secret Sound is a tough one. Or is it? Here are the 'incorrect guesses' so far.

Denise from Worthing guessed a power stapler.

Paula from Sioux Falls guessed a paper punch.

Kyle from Mitchell guessed an old typewriter.

Oliver from Tea guessed a stapler

Megan from Sioux Falls guessed biting an apple

Britney from Rock Valley Guessed an old school camera

Ann from Madison-Cash Register

Paula from Sioux Falls-Opening a suitcase or brief case

Jo  guessed taking a picture with a cellphone

Ann-Cash Register Drawer

Patti-a stapler

Jan guessed a Date Stamper

Duane from Hartford Guessed crushing an aluminum can.

Ashley-The Popper on a Trouble Game. (a bit of a reach, but We like the way you think!)

Deanna-Childs View Finder

More incorrect guesses Opening a Commercial Door, Clicking a Cellphone Off, and a Vegi Chopper.

Other guesses so far. Cocking a shotgun or pistol, an old school price stamp, a date stamper, and a cassette into a cassette player and a Stapler has been guessed 4x. Get the right sound and win the cash!

These are just a few of the guesses. Our current Jackpot is $2175 and we play again on Weekdays at 8:40 AM, on The New 99-1 AND 100.5, Kickin' Country!